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Aug 2017
Aug 14 2017 10:43
Hello! Is there any Jenkins plugin that plugin provides a set of environment variables that describe the build, including build status (passed/failed/unstable/aborted), build start time etc?
I have found the following plugin:
But it described user who started the build.
Oleg Nenashev
Aug 14 2017 11:24
@jgeorgeson Sorry for being a slowpoke. From what I see in the code there is no Generic "reinstall" API. Of course you could wipe the tool from a System Groovy script, but it may impact the running jobs. Some plugins like Custom Tools seem to support it using a custom (and not exactly public) API, but a generic way may be preferable. I would raise an improvement ticket to the Jenkins core
Aug 14 2017 13:27
@oleg-nenashev will do