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Sep 2017
Simone B
Sep 13 2017 12:18
hi everyone
is there anybody who can help me in setting up a new slave machine?
Sep 13 2017 16:27
Hey guys, I am trying to manipulate a multiline string example of string - This is a new line 1
This is a new line 2
This is a new line 3
So how would I go about assigning a variable in a pipeline to each line?
Could I use the split method for new line then index each line eg vara.split('/r)[0] for 1st line?
Oleg Nenashev
Sep 13 2017 20:15
@kalirajanganesan This plugin says testfligh no longer exists:
Stephen Menton
Sep 13 2017 20:29
What should I be using to get the status of the current build? currentBuild.result is null, even after failures.
Stephen Menton
Sep 13 2017 22:20
currentBuild.currentResult shows 'SUCCESS' even after failures. unsure what should update it.
Sep 13 2017 22:44
@oleg-nenashev I need to ask you about UpdateCenter and plugins installation. Do you planing to add more functions for this? Like install plugins with custom versions and stable plugins? Thanks for the answer.
Francis Cullen
Sep 13 2017 22:47
I have a question for anyone that might have experience using karma, puppeteer and / or chrome headless on a RHEL7 Jenkins job.
Oleg Nenashev
Sep 13 2017 23:35
@gfrntz custom plugin version installation is supported via plugin upload (or custom update center). Regarding "stable plugins", I need more info about your use-case