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Oct 2017
Oct 10 2017 10:00

I have a Jenkins pipeline job in which i tried to copy the files from a directory in C:\ drive of my laptop to the network shared location to use the files by others. I have used the COPY, XCOPY, and ROBOCOPY. Am getting different errors for each one like Invalid drive specification, ERROR 1326 (0x0000052E) Accessing Destination Directory The username or password is incorrect. When i run the batch file from my laptop, it worked. When i triggered the Jenkins pipeline job and executing the batch file in it, i got the above-specified error.

Below is my Jenkins pipeline job code.

 bat 'xcopy /s/z "C:\\workspace\\test\\*.*" "\\\\\\Temp\\vel"'
 bat 'XCOPY C:\\workspace\\test \\\\\\Temp\\vel'
 bat 'robocopy "C:\\workspace\\test\\" "\\\\\\Temp\\vel" /MIR'
 bat 'ROBOCOPY "C:\\workspace\\test" "\\\\\\Temp\\vel"'

Could anyone please give your valuable suggestions to resolve this error?

Elton Alves
Oct 10 2017 15:44
@vadivel1234 you are running jenkins in your local machine?
You want to cp the file to a network folder, right?
Darren Rambaud
Oct 10 2017 21:49
To get the conversation started, my team has unit tests written locally (Java) and would like these tests to be run on JenkinsCI before building. Can someone point me in the right direction to get started on this? I tried Google and only found what appears to be outdated resources/answers.