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Jan 2018
Mark Waite
Jan 16 2018 00:25
@johnypony3 maybe more information for your case is available from ?
Knut Schleßelmann
Jan 16 2018 07:55
Anyone an idea why I get No valid crumb was included in the request if I try to create a new project (using my browser)?
Jan 16 2018 09:58
having karma - docker - jenkins issues
Anyone know how to pass test results from Karma (in Docker container) back to Jenkins (Jenkins pipeline)??
Keep getting “No report files were found” no matter what I try
stage('Unit Tests') {
            echo 'Running Unit Tests'
            def dockerProcessArgs = '$(docker ps -a -q)'
            sh """docker stop ${dockerProcessArgs} && docker rm ${dockerProcessArgs} \
            && docker run --privileged -d -v $WORKSPACE/telrock-tas-admin-frontend/target:/karma-results \
            --name admin_portal_tests $USERNAME/admin_portal_frontend \
            npm run test --watch=false --browsers Chrome_Beta_Headless"""

            junit allowEmptyResults: false, testResults: '$WORKSPACE/telrock-tas-admin-frontend/target/**/**/karma-results.xml'
Zhao Xiaojie
Jan 16 2018 12:03
@kschlesselmann do you java client to creat.