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Jan 2018
Jan 20 2018 22:41
unreadable symbols.png


I have a problem with Cobertura and JUnit chart. The data label and axis symbols are weird as you can see above.

I also encounter the same issue with Build Time Trend chart
Mark Waite
Jan 20 2018 23:52
@elion you might check the locale settings in your web browser to see if it is incorrectly interpreting that page in a different locale. You might also check if there is a proxy between your browser and the Jenkins server. You might also check if your browser has some extension loaded which might block or modify some of the content from the Jenkins server.
@unlikelyzero you are correct, there is no way to use Secret Text credentials with the git plugin. Can you describe your use case further in that bug report so that it is recorded with the request. Username / password credentials seem like they capture the same information as Secret Text, so I don't see why Secret Text support would be added to the git plugin