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Feb 2018
Pat Sissons
Feb 02 2018 18:47
new to jenkins and trying to setup a container that i can scale on the docker side to add or remove new slaves/agents on demand. From what i can tell, agents are defined as 1:1 from the master which seems very backwards to me. Is it not possible to have an agent cluster that has a single shared secret key for automatically pooling agents into a single group?
Will Yardley
Feb 02 2018 20:53
Also, getting this error in webui after upgrading to 2.104: Cannot create build. Maybe you need to log in or have the 'build' permission. (log says WARNING: No valid crumb was included in request for /job....). If I disable CSRF protection, it runs fine. but I can login and do other operations w/o problems. Clearing my cookies doesn't seem to help