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Feb 2018
Oleg Nenashev
Feb 03 2018 21:59
@wyardley Could you please create a ticket and provide repro steps there? Not sure on which page it happens, but it sounds like a defect
@patsissons Swarm plugin does that though you would need to configure an API key. Generally you do not need such thing in Docker. Instead of that I would rather use Docker Plugin or Yet Another Docker Plugin to provision single-shot agents on-demand
Oleg Nenashev
Feb 03 2018 22:05


Is there somewhere an up to date documentation which steps in a pipeline require a node and which do not?

AFAIK no. It would be a useful categorization though, CC @abayer . Generally you can discover it from the code by checking whether a step inherits from SimpleBuildStep or uses the workspace context. Maybe there are other cases


hi all, is possible execute shared libraries commands inside of containers?
Yes and no. Shared libraries (as well as other pipeline logic) get executed on the master, which may be running in the container. Some Pipeline wrappers (like docker.inside()) allow executing particular commands in a newly provisioned container if needed

Pat Sissons
Feb 03 2018 23:33
@oleg-nenashev swarm is probably what I need. These are windows docker containers so I'm guessing that the docker plugins won't work correctly.
Thanks for the direction