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Feb 2018
Will Yardley
Feb 05 2018 18:01
@oleg-nenashev I can. Interestingly, I have the same config and same version of Jenkins on another instance, and don't have the problem, so not sure how easy it will be to reproduce. It's just clicking to build a job from any page (whether Blue Ocean is enabled or not). It (and the other one) are both behind load balancers, however, enabling the "proxy fix" checkbox doesn't make a difference either way. But disabling CSRF definitely reproducibly I don't think it's a permissions thing, because the permissions are very flat (anyone can do anything).
John Hill
Feb 05 2018 19:56
it seems as though declarative pipelines do not support options { timestamps () } but I don't see that explicitly documented here:
(about an unrelated issue on the configureSecurity page)