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Feb 2018
Paul Dragoonis
Feb 27 2018 11:45

Declarative pipeline question:

I have a JobDSL which makes my Pipeline like so:

multibranchPipelineJob("${pipelinePath}") {
    branchSources {
        github {
            includes('develop DM-* PR-* SH-* SW-* OPGOPS-* feature/*')

At the beginning of my pipeline I have this, to wipe out the workspace before it starts.

  stages {
    stage('Prep')  {
      steps {

This deleteDir() is wiping out the code already checked out (as per JobDSL), so I lose my "working directory contents"

What I want to achieve is:
a) Keeping the repo cloned out
b) Reset the WORKSPACE to what's inside the repo only (no files leftover from previous builds)

How can I achieve this?

Alex Earl
Feb 27 2018 12:29
The git plugin has an option to clean the checked out code (reset) prior to running the build, I am not sure if the github step includes something like that though
John Hill
Feb 27 2018 13:23
This might be... out there... but has anyone here combined Jenkins pipelines with any Workload Automation software like Luigi, Airflow, Digdag?
Rushi Jawali
Feb 27 2018 15:13
anyone here worked with jenkins rest api? I wanted to fetch the overallload of the executers but they are showing blank with overallLoad/api/xml? link, anyone know how can I get the right information about the executors