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Mar 2018
Andrés Felipe Piñeros
Mar 22 2018 03:20
@neb0t "500-800 lines" ... I think you might be breaking a few coding best practices there....
@hrushie Your problem is "why" is the checkout erasing them.
checkout scm DOES clean the workspace folder before cloning the git repository. If those scripts are not placed inside the repository, then they will be erased from the workspace.
Andrés Felipe Piñeros
Mar 22 2018 03:37
Put both scripts in your repository, then they shouldn't be erased when you do checkout scm
Other alternatives:
  • If your script can be public, just put it on S3 or as a git Gist. Then download it with wget after the checkout scm.
  • Place your script as a managed file: Jenkins -> Configuration -> Managed Files. Then retrieve the file using the configFileProvider step.
Rushi Jawali
Mar 22 2018 03:44
Thanks Andres, I will let you know if I need any more help