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Apr 2018
Alex Earl
Apr 06 2018 02:40
In what context?
Eric Steele
Apr 06 2018 13:27
Is there a way to override/remove the "continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-merge" commit status updates that get sent to GitHub? I have several of my own using githubNotify that provide more granularity.
Tim Oien
Apr 06 2018 13:31
Is anyone getting this error today??
(function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { �}:����G�~3���W
Rushi Jawali
Apr 06 2018 16:37
my slave has jre as default but if i have to run my build with jdk environment what I have to do?
Stephen Chu
Apr 06 2018 17:13
hi all. what's the best-in-class jenkins cli client that exists today?
Stephen Chu
Apr 06 2018 19:24
to answer my own question, i think it is: pip install jenkins-cli