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Mar 2014
John Peele
Mar 28 2014 19:05
Hello all
@jenius continuing our twitter convo about deploying
Jeff Escalante
Mar 28 2014 20:11
hey @johnpeele ! sorry a little late but I’m here
So at the moment in roots stable unless you are pushing to heroku (which honestly I dont recommend), deploying is on you, not part of the framework
However, we are putting in a bunch of work into a tool that will handle deployment across a variety of platforms, which will be integrated directly into the next version of roots such that a config file and roots deploy will be enough to ship your code off in production mode
You mentioned you were trying to deploy a roots site to digitalocean
we have done this a bunch of times, its pretty straightforward
you can just ship out the files in the public folder and call it a day
There are a few tools that can facilitiate this for you
these are some of our favorites
they all work with roots projects
John Peele
Mar 28 2014 20:38
I am not being very specific with my question. My deploy method is fine, except that each time I run 'roots compile' it seems to delete my .git directory in public
Jeff Escalante
Mar 28 2014 20:40
yeah, you shouldnt have a git directory in public
public is just your compiled files
you track your source with git, not the output
the output can be and is cleared at any time, because it’s rebuilt from the source
so storing things in the public folder is not a great idea
John Peele
Mar 28 2014 20:43
I think I follow ;)
Obviously I want to avoid using FTP to get my compiled files up to DO
Jeff Escalante
Mar 28 2014 21:00
yeah, i think using mina or deploy are the best bet
those are made for deploying files :)