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Mar 2014
Mitchell Coote
Mar 30 2014 10:14
Hey there, I'm having some trouble using the dynamic content extension for roots. I keep getting errors on watch.
Jeff Escalante
Mar 30 2014 15:32
hey @monkeez - sorry for the delayed response, let us know if kyle's response did the trick!
Mitchell Coote
Mar 30 2014 23:01
Thanks @jenius - I tried it out and it unfortunately didn't work, I'm also having issues with pre-compiled templates. I'm not sure if it's something on my end? It's a relatively fresh Windows install, less than a month and I can't remember setting anything up in a weird way?
As a side note, you mentioned a while ago in this jenius/roots#234 your method of dealing with pagination.
Mitchell Coote
Mar 30 2014 23:08

It sounds interesting and I was wondering if I could get some more information about this process, specifically this bit you mentioned:

"...for pagination, I'd dump all blog posts into a json object and load it into a variable in jade."