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Apr 2014
Mitchell Coote
Apr 03 2014 05:21
Thanks for the quick turnaround fixing the windows issues @jenius. After investigating the issues I think I now have a better idea how the extensions work whereas before I thought of them as black magic haha.
Win win all round.
Mitchell Coote
Apr 03 2014 10:07
Is it possible to get extensions to hook into other extensions?
Jeff Escalante
Apr 03 2014 14:07
Whoo! :tada:
It should be, thats a messy game to get into though
I would try to avoid it
This also will help out with understanding extensions
Aaron Ellis Snyder
Apr 03 2014 20:57
Hey guys when using axis-css as middleware on express i'm noticing that autoprefixer isn't working
I took a look at axis.js and while autoprefixer is required - it appears it isnt' actually called
Sam Saccone
Apr 03 2014 21:00