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Apr 2014
Mitchell Coote
Apr 04 2014 00:02
Hey @jenius, I was reading through the extension docs that you linked and they do a good job of explaining it. However, one thing that I think is missing and could help noobs like me is talking about the basic folder structure of an extension; where the extension goes, what the minimum files needed to get an extension up and running, etc.
Mitchell Coote
Apr 04 2014 04:51
Also, I have a question about the write hooks.
You mentioned being able to create multiple copies of the same file by returning multiple objects with different paths.
I'm able to get this working if the multiple files are in the same directory.
But if I try sending them to different directories it's not working. Like this .../project/views/index.jade with a copy .../project/views/test/index.jade.
Is there some step I'm missing here?
Jeff Escalante
Apr 04 2014 15:37
Hi im sorry, gitter is really quite bad at notifying me that people are here
@aesnyder are you using the 0.2.x version of axis? (you should be)
if so, autoprefixer is not included automatically, it’s your choice whether to use it, so you’ll need to also pipeline it yourself
@monkeez - that stuff is just basic nodejs general material, so I don’t think the extension-specific docs should include it
you can find out more on the npm package.json docs
and the node.js module docs
which have lots of info about how require/commonjs work and how npm exposes packages
as for the multiple files thing, let me look into this quickly
Jeff Escalante
Apr 04 2014 15:43
here’s the logic for the file writing results
it writes multiple files the same way it does for single ones
it might be a bug in the output path calculation (@roots.config.out)
if you could produce a failing case and file an issue I’d be happy to check this out!
Thanks again @monkeez for all the time you’ve spent helping us test things : )
Mitchell Coote
Apr 04 2014 21:35
Well currently when I'm trying it it's not giving off any errors it's just not outputting the file. But I'll have a look to see what the write logic is doing.
Jeff Escalante
Apr 04 2014 22:23
there is a passing test for multiple write outputs
i guess its just a path difference thing?
Mitchell Coote
Apr 04 2014 23:23
how do you log the output of npm test to a file?
It look's like the write hook is passing fine so it's probably something I've done.
But I'm getting a lot of other errors haha
I wonder how many of them have to do with annoying Windows paths.