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Aug 2014
Tobias Birmili
Aug 05 2014 06:36
Jo, me too :D I'll have a second look now again.
Tobias Birmili
Aug 05 2014 08:12
The root of the problem (^_^) is, that roots gets the path of the "real" file and not the path with the link location.
This confuses everything.
Because it returns the "real" paths and not the "symlinked" ones
Tobias Birmili
Aug 05 2014 09:06
well, after some digging, it kind of seems impossible or very hard to fix this
because symlinked files always return the "real" path instead of the path where it lies in the symlinked folder.
maybe @jenius has an idea, but I do not.
Tobias Birmili
Aug 05 2014 12:42
working workaround is btw, to just symlink the subfolders of shared-assets into the public folder.
Tobias Birmili
Aug 05 2014 12:56
and for deployment we just have to move the wrongly copied folder down a bit
Jeff Escalante
Aug 05 2014 14:55
hmm thats tough
thanks for looking into this @toabi !
i dont see a better solution immediately, but will def keep on the lookout in the future
sorry it's such a pain!
but glad you found some kind of workaround :grinning: