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Aug 2014
Jeff Escalante
Aug 29 2014 14:30
hey sorry, had to run quickly
last night
we dont have roots pkg in there though
i think it might be better to just use bower by itself
idn how i feel about package managers being integrated
if anything i think it might end up being like a package manager adapter system like accord is to templating languages
but thats for down the road
Adam Argyle
Aug 29 2014 18:25
cool, i actually didn't like the roots pkg concept, because i'd rather use bower. so there's no probs there. and yeah, a system like accord for package managers would be sweet. it would match the style of the system you're going for
i never was able to get jade.render()in the client, i'll be checking that out tuesday next week at work. have a rad weekend, thanks for the follow up
Jeff Escalante
Aug 29 2014 19:45
sounds good! you should never have to use raw jade.render I don't think, maybe you're down the wrong path a bit?