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Sep 2014
Jeff Escalante
Sep 29 2014 15:14
Yeah, I'm sorry we don't really hang out there. A lot is changing with roots right now and the website and master branch are fairly out of date
we are working on getting all the docs and websites and such polished and and redone for the v3 release, which is coming up in the next couple months :)
Sep 29 2014 17:05
Yeah, noticed site is behind v3 developments. Would be great to see updated documentation and perhaps a few walk through screencasts on setting up some simple sites like a blog or personal web presence.
Jeff Escalante
Sep 29 2014 18:11
This is exactly what we're working on now. Please don't share yet, but here's a preview:
There will be a lot of good docs and tutorials though
Tyler Thrailkill
Sep 29 2014 19:49
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