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Oct 2014
Constantine Gosteev
Oct 06 2014 11:06

hey. i have question about roots' grid system. i mean it's quite nice grid, but why not to use jeet in next versions? i did a comparison recently, and found that jeet has some features which semantic grid lacks. for example edit() func which highlights all the rows and columns. or course, we can write styles to columns or whatever while developing, but jeet also gives opportunity to create no-gutter-grid with one function. furthermore the fraction system for layout is more convenient than to determine row width by own.

i will be glad if you can correct me, because i have not so much experience, and can be wrong.

Oct 06 2014 12:18
Roots 3 is using jeet instead of Just install:
npm i jeet -S
Constantine Gosteev
Oct 06 2014 12:22
wow! really good news for me
Constantine Gosteev
Oct 06 2014 12:41
oh my...why i didn't read previous messages?..:worried:
Jeff Escalante
Oct 06 2014 14:36
haha no worries @mjrev -- and great suggestion :)
i'm about 90% on including jeet with roots' default template as well before release, just because it's so useful and I almost always end up installing it anyway