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Oct 2014
Jeff Escalante
Oct 14 2014 03:55
I think the after_pass hook is what you're after
oh wait sorry not true, i misread
you just need your extension to run before the dynamic content extension then, no?
i guess im not totally clear actually on what you're after
if you are trying to grab the front matter, you can get it at any point before the dynamic content extension runs, which is just content ordering
if you are trying to get the content without the front matter, compiled (seems like this is what you're after?) you can get this in the after pass hook
and the extension would need to be after dynamic content in the extensions array
Oct 14 2014 21:19
thanks @jenius appreciate the help. I believe we sorted this out on jenius/roots#570. What I was after was a bit of a stretch but at least I'm getting familiar with the internals of this now. Cheers again for all the help :)