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Dec 2014
Jake Buob
Dec 17 2014 21:14
Hey guys
new to roots here, so let me know if I'm just asking the wrong question
is there some way to combine dynamic content with precompiled templates?
and sending that data/dynamic content along with the precompiled templates?
Sam Saccone
Dec 17 2014 21:19
@jenius ^
ah @buob you missed them
they are all at the christmas partay
Jake Buob
Dec 17 2014 21:19
oh, well we should hit them up there then
Jeff Escalante
Dec 17 2014 22:28
yo im here actually
but you guys should come
@buob not really. but you could add the content to locals or load it in from a json or yaml file, then it would be piped through to precompiled templates