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Jan 2015
Kendall Clark
Jan 25 2015 16:25
how can I use jeet w/ roots 3?
i tried installing it w/ npm and adding it in the obvious way to but it doesn't work
i don't get any errors, but i don't get any grid love either, yo :)
otherwise, loving roots
Declan de Wet
Jan 25 2015 17:38
hi @kendall, I presume you're using stylus - first, make sure your stylus settings reflect this: use: [jeet()] then either @import 'jeet' in your master.styl or pass 'import': 'jeet' in with your stylus config
Jeff Escalante
Jan 25 2015 17:45
yeah you have to explicitly @import it in your stylus file
that should do the trick :)
Kendall Clark
Jan 25 2015 18:17
doh! so embarrassed... i knew i had to import it into master but of course I didn't do that