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Feb 2015
Feb 09 2015 12:10


liveload means "the browser will automatically reload every time you save a file in your project."

How i can trigger compiling when git push or just "mv files".

Daniel Pope
Feb 09 2015 15:59
So I'm having a few errors watching. One reads " ✘ Error: EACCES, mkdir '/Users/Dannie/.npm/source-map/0.1.43' " . The other error reads " ✘ Error: Cannot find module 'glob' " . Help please.
Daniel Pope
Feb 09 2015 17:05
ok so chown -R did the trick...ignore my complaints :)
Jeff Escalante
Feb 09 2015 17:26
@alecstanescu - let us know how it's going with the linux box!
@ilife5 - to trigger on git push is outside roots' capabilities. you'd have to add a hook to git itself to deal with this. When you mv a file, roots will reload if it's in the project and being watched
@DanielPope sweet, good to see that was worked out! sorry it seems like npm permissions are a common sticking point. So common that we're working on a help section in the docs for it haha
Daniel Pope
Feb 09 2015 18:35
@jenius dang! Thanks anyway