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Mar 2015
Jeff Escalante
Mar 02 2015 00:50
Hi @dnjstrom !
So bower is a separate tool, not related to roots at all. We can't include docs for how to use roots with any other tool
You can use it with bower the way you'd use anything else with any other way of including scripts though. Just load up the scripts on to your page and use them as usual!
we had bower integrated with a previous version of roots but it didnt end up being used a ton, and you can just use bower on its own equally effectively
The only caveat I've noticed with bower is that it frequently does not install deps cleanly. You tend to find bunches of other files bundled together with them, not just the script you want
So if you are watching or compiling all those files as well as the ones you need, it can take longer. Make sure to use the ignores intelligently to ignore anything other than the files you actually need
Let me know if this helps and if there's anything else we can help with!
Daniel Ström
Mar 02 2015 14:15
Ok, thanks, that does make it clearer! It's not a deal-breaker for me, but I was hoping for something like what Brunch does. It automatically includes and processes the bower-resources but uses cashing while watching to minimize compilation times for consecutive changes. Maybe something like that would be a good feature for roots to implement? Or not :)
Btw, I really enjoy the jeet, axis and rupture plugins. Definately gonna use those in my coming projects!
Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work!
Jeff Escalante
Mar 02 2015 15:57
A plugin could definitely be made that would do something like this easily if people were interested! I just don't use bower so I haven't made one. What's important for us at roots is that the core is kept light and if people want features we just build em out as plugins that you can opt in to
I'll open an ticket with a request for a plugin like this :)
Daniel Ström
Mar 02 2015 16:02
Cool! I'm a bit busy with thesis-work and such at the moment, but if I can I
... I'll try to help out!