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Mar 2015
Tobias Birmili
Mar 06 2015 07:23
More specifically I'm looking for a html-look-a-like template language with template inheritance. Candidantes would be or - but I don't know how to integrate them.
Tobias Birmili
Mar 06 2015 07:50
Ah. I found out about this accord-infrastructure. Checking out how much works with that.
Tobias Birmili
Mar 06 2015 08:02
Hm. Swig compiles roughly, but there is no locals/context and the templates are not recompiled on change.
Tobias Birmili
Mar 06 2015 08:16
Sadly that looks quit unusable in its current state.
im unsure about the recompile on change if you're not using it in a roots context, otherwise swig does present some difficulties
Mar 06 2015 09:58
can I use Less in roots? and how?
Phil Hawksworth
Mar 06 2015 15:03
Yes @ilife5 you can
Roots seems to do a nice job of supporting things as long as you install the npm module that brings that capability, then use the correct file extension
so you'd install less with npm: npm install less --save
then add your less files into the assets/css directory
that should do the trick
running roots watch after you've done that should start less compiling as expected
Has anyone experimenting with putting together a patternlab helper with roots?
similar to that built for Middleman by Bearded Studio:
Seems like roots could do a nice job of that.
Henry Snopek
Mar 06 2015 17:01
@toabi We actually have nunjucks being integrated currently as well jenius/accord#15
Perry Kibler
Mar 06 2015 17:53
does anyone know of a good tutorial for using sass vs stylus? I'm assuming it starts with npm i node-sass, but I'm still learning node and need a little more than that. I googled it, but couldn't find anything for this project that went through that setup.
Henry Snopek
Mar 06 2015 17:55
@javaporter actually it's pretty simple, create a roots project (if you haven't), run npm i node-sass -S
then place all your sass files within the css folder and :boom:
Andrew Glassett
Mar 06 2015 18:18
I got this to work but also had to update the css pipeline in my to css_pipeline(files: 'assets/css/*.scss')
Perry Kibler
Mar 06 2015 20:42
Thanks guys. I actually tried this but since node-sass started supporting the indented syntax, I went back to traditional .sass (the stylus guys would appreciate that maybe). On a whim, I tried it again with the more common .scss syntax. This does work with .scss files. Thanks again for the help.