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Mar 2015
Jeff Escalante
Mar 07 2015 06:32
Hey @javaporter -- yeah so the current adapter just supports the .scss extension, we could make it so they compile with the .sass extension as well if node-sass does support that. Feel free to file an issue or submit a pull request if that's the case and we can make it happen!
Perry Kibler
Mar 07 2015 14:56
Yeah, in node-sass it's something like indentedSyntax: true. I'll submit an issue, thanks much. I just started with roots yesterday but so far have been quite impressed. Got a quick site up, compiling, and deploying (through netlify), and pulling in content from contentful. I've been using Middleman, but have been trying to go more node (so much faster and less ruby gem drama). It's great to see roots have out-of-the-box contentful support (although I might do some pull requests on that repo's documentation next week). Thanks for all the hard work on this.