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Mar 2015
Jeff Escalante
Mar 11 2015 00:01 UTC
hi @thiagodebastos -- I'd just search for "stylus vertical rhythm" on github and use what you find there
I'm sorry I can't help more, I personally never use vertical rhythm so I have no drive at all to make a stylus library for this
I know @declandewet uses it a bit and wrote the last implementation, he might be able to help!
including stylus plugins is something you should have no problem with though, there are a bunch included by default that can serve as examples
Thiago De Bastos
Mar 11 2015 08:25 UTC
Thanks @jenius ! I am working at getting all of this sorted, I don’t like having to think about it every time I start a project. I am always looking for a way to perfect my workflow hehe :)