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Mar 2015
Thiago De Bastos
Mar 14 2015 20:29
Heya! I am determined to get a template out using atomic design. I really like what patternlab have done. Have you guys used it? If so, I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to get it working with Roots and Jade. So far I have converted all of their files in Source from html to jade, and am working through converting all of the mustache includes into jade includes. They way they have set it up though is much cleaner. Somehow they are using mustache includes that offer some sort of ‘fuzzy search’. What I mean by this is that to include a layout found in _patterns/01-organisms/00-global/00-header.html the only code required is: {{ > organisms-header }}. Any ideas?
Jeff Escalante
Mar 14 2015 23:27
I haven't messed with atomic design at all, I'm sorry
I've seen it, but it doesnt appear to be that useful to me. Then again, I work at an agency on bunches of different products rather than one single product, so it might be more useful if you are just working on one product
You can use mustache with roots if you want, just install the compiler and use the .mustache extension
For more info on jade's language features, check this out:
extends and includes are relative to the path of the file that they are executed from, as expected
As far as I know, there is no way in jade to alias include paths
I know @slang800 has done a lot of research and writing about jade, he might be able to help if you leave a more detailed breakdown here