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Mar 2015
Kendall Clark
Mar 18 2015 13:57
really having trouble with roots compile and deploy now that i'm trying to move to production env
it all worked perfectly with out of the box with my added extensions, but now it's borked and I can't tell why
I keep getting "undefined is not a function" with a pointer to `!= css("/")
roots deploy really doesn't like me passing an -e prodoption
Kendall Clark
Mar 18 2015 14:07
my question boils down to this: why would my work fine with roots compile -e prod but not with roots deploy -to s3 -e prod?
compilation fails in the latter case (I'm not even sure why deploy should do a compile, but ok...)
my is correct... for some reasons roots deploy -to s3 -e prod doesn't recognize prod as a valid environment...
Kendall Clark
Mar 18 2015 14:29
oddly enough, if I ask roots to deploy my production env, it builds and deploys both dev and production... I'm obviously doing something wrong. :)
Thiago De Bastos
Mar 18 2015 20:10
Is anyone else having issues with roots new? I’m not sure what I did but it isn’t working all of a sudden. #623 describes the issue. I really haven’t had much luck with Roots lately have I!