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Mar 2015
Henry Snopek
Mar 20 2015 17:05 UTC
@kendall Did you end up resolving your error?
Kendall Clark
Mar 20 2015 18:13 UTC
i'm not sure if i were doing it wrong or there's a bug
@hhsnopek not really... i got it to work, but by having only a single file that deploys to production. I couldn't get deploy to work with -e env arbitrary environments
Matt Rossi
Mar 20 2015 18:20 UTC
i was having trouble last night with #623
resolved by editing package.json to have the name i set when creating roots new project-name
replacing object object
and running npm install
@thiagodebastos ^
Henry Snopek
Mar 20 2015 18:40 UTC
check this out @kendall
Kendall Clark
Mar 20 2015 18:41 UTC
well, yeah, i read that but that's not how the tool works for me.
John Peele
Mar 20 2015 19:39 UTC
hey guys! seems like i am also having problems with roots new but the error message is different than #623
nvm... updated roots and now its working
Henry Snopek
Mar 20 2015 19:40 UTC
Kendall Clark
Mar 20 2015 20:19 UTC
i will try to reproduce my roots deploy problems, but basically it wouldn't deploy any environment except the one in
roots deploy -to s3 -e production would fail with an exception that meant no such environment existed
but roots compile -e production worked fine
Henry Snopek
Mar 20 2015 21:14 UTC
You could do this: roots compile -e production then use ship (roots deployment) ship public -to s3
cc @kendall