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Apr 2015
Perry Kibler
Apr 06 2015 20:41

@andyshora thanks, that got me closer. If I use this inside

css_pipeline(files: ['assets/bower_components/foundation/scss/*/*', 'assets/css/app.scss']),

and then @import '../bower_components/foundation/scss/foundation.scss'; inside my app.scss file, it works (until I save a scss file and it reloads). : )

I'm including it here in case someone else has similar issues, but I've run out of time to play with this and am probably headed back to the tried and true method of middleman. Thanks much for the help.

Jeff Escalante
Apr 06 2015 22:13
man that is so many nested things
i really do not like bower i feel like it makes everything more difficult and a pain in the ass
I might try just grabbing foundation by itself and importing that
it should be simple
If you link your project here I can take a look but just with that one line I can't tell what's going wrong. CSS pipeline is tried and true, it might just be some weird scss issue?
Perry Kibler
Apr 06 2015 23:50
@jenius Yeah, most likely it is a bower or scss issue. The site is here:, but it's not a huge deal. I agree, bower can make things more difficult, but that's only until it's time to update. bower update is a lot nicer way to do things when it's time to upgrade. As far as Foundation, I've rolled my own grid, used things like Bourbon/Neat, and other stuff, Foundation for me is the happy place, but it's crucial to include it as actual Sass files. The real power comes in using different settings for the variables and mixins, and that doesn't fly if you're just grabbing the final CSS.