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Apr 2015
Kendall Clark
Apr 09 2015 16:31
@jenius in re: nametoolong errors... I'm on OSX and I'm not using bower. I'm using roots and sass.
Jeff Escalante
Apr 09 2015 18:22
@kendall if you link your project here I can take a look
while it may not be possible, I'd also recommend checking out stylus. It's very similar to sass but works better with javascript since it's written in JS and historically has had significantly fewer issues
Kendall Clark
Apr 09 2015 19:10
I'm an idiot. I said I'm using sass, but that's totally false. Using stylus, jeet, axis, rupture
every 5 to 10 compiles I get enametoolong
the filenames are just stupid long and seem to have duplicate parts
it's the asset hashing, i think
easy to reproduce, too... here's the error (after 5 or 6 compiles):
This message was deleted
the hash bit is obviously repeated a bunch and that throws enametoolong
my guess would be i've got something bolloxed in my config somewhere since other people aren't seeing this
it's with latest roots
Kendall Clark
Apr 09 2015 19:16
it's every 7 to 8 compiles because -- if you look at the stack trace -- the hash isn't being written out w/ the file extension but for some reason it's being concated each time... after 7 or 8 compiles, it's too long for OSX and I get the stack trace
if I kill roots watch and restart, it starts over
Jeff Escalante
Apr 09 2015 20:52
woah yeah it seems like something is wrong there
with that hash
what is generating the hash?
is that css pipeline?
Also for anyone who was having error with sass, just pushed a release with a bugfix. Upgrade roots and you should be set
Kendall Clark
Apr 09 2015 22:09
Yeah, that's CSS pipeline.