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Apr 2015
Jeff Escalante
Apr 11 2015 02:23
Hmm. So I think I might know what the issue is
Are you minfiying and hashing the file in development though?
This is a weird behavior
I don't think anyone else has run into this issue since they are not hashing the file in development when watching, and just run roots compile or roots deploy which resets public and runs a single compile
For a quick fix, I would use and to separate your development and production settings
Also it does seem like it might be a bug with css pipeline, could you open an issue there so I don't forget?
Matt Rossi
Apr 11 2015 20:27

when working with dynamic content, should the 'posts' folded be at the same level as 'views' & 'assets' ?

each post in site.posts
      .post-date= a(href=post._url)= post.title

results in

compiling... [Error: TypeError: /Users/mrossimojo/Desktop/dev/nerdy-conservative/views/index.jade:8
    6|   .content
    7|     .inner-content
  > 8|       each post in site.posts
    9|         .post
    10|           .post-meta
    11|             .post-date=

Cannot read property 'length' of undefined]

Potentially unhandled rejection [5] TypeError: /Users/mrossimojo/Desktop/dev/nerdy-conservative/views/index.jade:8
Matt Rossi
Apr 11 2015 20:46
scratch that last question
i got it
i had my 'posts' folder inside 'views'
my bad