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Apr 2015
Ed Holzwarth
Apr 17 2015 17:30
@jenius @joshrowley Having a problem with the asset helper in roots-contentful extension...
img(src="#{person.profile.fields.file.url}" height='150' width='150') // this works fine
img(src="#{asset(person.profile, {w: 150, h: 150})}" height='150' width='150') // this throws "undefined is not a function" TypeError
Any ideas?
(This is inside of for person in contentful.team_member block....)
Jeff Escalante
Apr 17 2015 18:45
@dustinrjo nope, there isn't. but you can just regex match and swipe the .html off the end!
i use the path variable in a lot of sites to set an id on the body and section off my css
i just strip everything but the clean page name using a simple regex
@eholzwarth I would open an issue for this. @joshrowley would definitely be able to help you out
Daniel Box
Apr 17 2015 19:11
I started getting 4341 segmentation fault roots watch errors a bit today. Happens sporadically. Seems to be in relation to renaming files maybe? Dunno. Will report back if it gets more dire.