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Apr 2015
Daniel Box
Apr 22 2015 01:56 UTC
Aight @jenius launched first roots site: Whoot!
Perry Kibler
Apr 22 2015 02:07 UTC
@dbox: nice work
Perry Kibler
Apr 22 2015 03:26 UTC

@jenius so, I've spent the past month or so looking at all the static generators and have been looking for the best one. I still like Middleman, and the documentation there smokes everyone else in the industry (as does the community), but it's slow. I know that 2-3 seconds per live reload shouldn't bother me, but it really does. Anyway, my favorite of all the ones I've tried is roots, it has the fewest issues. However, there still are a few issues I just can't figure out. Would you (or Carrot) have any interest in just helping me get them ironed out? If so, can you contact me direct and we can chat price? My issues:

Thanks much