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May 2015
Rob S.
May 09 2015 16:40

Question about using the bootstrap-styl npm package. Stylus is not barfing on the @import(require) but the resulting compiled file is empty. To reproduce, using a new roots project:

npm i bootstrap-styl -S


bootstrap       = require 'bootstrap-styl'
module.exports =
    use: [bootstrap(), rupture(), autoprefixer()]

in master.styl

@require 'bootstrap'

using 'bootsratp' to import all files as a test, then in browser all files are listed in inspector but all are empty.

Jeff Escalante
May 09 2015 17:59
not sure, i haven't used the bootstrap-styl package
it looks like you are correctly requiring it in, especially as stylus doesn't complain about the import
doesnt seem to me like a roots issue, honestly
if you want to confirm you could run the same compile manually with stylus, not using roots, just to see if it comes out any different
Rob S.
May 09 2015 19:59
Heh yep, it was my misunderstanding of a) stylus importing and glob convention b) stylus index.styl c) order of imports with stylus variables file d) roots '_blah.styl' convention. Also I used to less bootstrap that uses a file 'bootstrap.less' for all the imports. Thanks for being the sounding board :smile:
Jeff Escalante
May 09 2015 22:02
Ah wow, I don't think I would have guessed all that! Glad you figured it out :smile: