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May 2015
Rob S.
May 17 2015 00:45
I borked my site by running roots watch in a subfolder of the project ... is there a config somewhere that sets a base folder for the project?
Rob S.
May 17 2015 01:21
Oh I see... it just put the build folder "public" within "views" and it's trying to build those as well. That's a fun mistake on my part.
Brun J. Swick
May 17 2015 03:01
@biilmann I got it working. I was sure I was missing a step, but what I didn't do is setup the site using the site before doing a deploy using ship. Not sure if that is a requirement, but after doing a compile and then manual setup the deploy using ship worked.
Jeff Escalante
May 17 2015 17:16
Haha sorry about that @robomatic -- glad you worked it out!