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May 2015
Noel Quiles
May 26 2015 14:36
that bit on PostCSS was what I've been looking for all morning...the first thing I saw when I went into this chat was that. Amazing, thank you!
Noel Quiles
May 26 2015 16:10 to load PostCSS within Adding in accord.load('postcss') as given in the accord docs fails, as apparently accord is not defined.
Noel Quiles
May 26 2015 16:30

nah still not working correctly. I removed the require that was giving me issues, and added lost to the default, assuming the options would resolve like they should as @hhsnopek 's code should exposing accord's postcss, like the other options for compilation. this how it's done?

Lost is the postcss grid system I'm using in my project
What's happening is, after I add @hhsnopek 's config and rerun roots watch it isn't applying the postcss render.
Got any ideas, @jenius ? :)
Noel Quiles
May 26 2015 18:23

huh...judging by how Accord's Stylus processor is exposed in, it should be:

        use: [lost()]

as opposed to @hhsnopek 's code, but that still isn't applying the render.

Daniel Box
May 26 2015 20:33
@enmod whenever you figure it out would love to see the breakdown. curious to try lost with roots myself