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May 2015
Jan Viehweger
May 27 2015 13:22

hey guys, lucky to see your replies on my issue with postcss. @EnMod i can confirm, that the solution you've provided does not render the (post)css code at all.
my looks like this

accord = require 'accord'
postcss  = accord.load('postcss')
lost = require 'lost'
axis  = require 'axis'
rupture = require 'rupture'
autoprefixer = require 'autoprefixer-stylus'
js_pipeline  = require 'js-pipeline'
css_pipeline = require 'css-pipeline'
quantityQueries = require 'postcss-quantity-queries' 

module.exports =
  ignores: ['', '**/layout.*', '**/_*', '.gitignore', 'ship.*conf']

  extensions: [
    js_pipeline(files: 'assets/js/*.coffee'),
    css_pipeline(files: 'assets/css/*.styl')

    use: [axis(), rupture(), autoprefixer()]
    sourcemap: true

    sourcemap: true

    pretty: true

    use: [lost()]

When i run roots watch my console spits out the following error:

{ [Error: Cannot find module '/Users/XXX/sandbox/lostroots/node_modules/accord/lib/adapters/postcss'] code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' }

hoppla! where is the postcss adapter? seems that the latest npm version of accord (v0.18.0) does'nt contain it. So i replaced it with the master branch from github:

npm uninstall accord --save
npm install --save

after this the error message has been gone, but the postcss in my test.styl:

  lost-column: 1/2

rendered to this:

div {
  lost-column: 1/2;

so what is going wrong?

Noel Quiles
May 27 2015 13:58
Huh...good find, @janviehweger . So what it looks like, is there's something going wrong in the PostCSS adapter.
wish we could figure out what
Jan Viehweger
May 27 2015 14:00
hopefully someone from the core team joins the discussion ;)
Jan Viehweger
May 27 2015 14:09
i'm really new to this whole awesome node based automation stuff. the simplification which roots introduces is great. on the other hand the abstraction layers makes it harder to understand whats going on behind the scenes. i'm still learning node and all the crazy stuff.
Jan Viehweger
May 27 2015 14:15
can someone tell me which taskrunner roots is using internally? did'nt find any gulp or grunt stuff
Noel Quiles
May 27 2015 18:32
I think it just has its own taskrunning implementation, written in CoffeeScript, similar to Brunch or other static compilers. At least, as far as I can tell.