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Jun 2015
Robert Bak
Jun 09 2015 11:18
Hey, does anyone know how to compile markdown that's in the variable using Jade?
Robert Bak
Jun 09 2015 11:54
I guess it's the simplest to just pass the markdown library in locals
Daniel Box
Jun 09 2015 12:32
Thanks @janviehweger
Chris Henrick
Jun 09 2015 14:15
the roots website is down
thus all the documentation is not available
Henry Snopek
Jun 09 2015 14:16
it has loaded more me, just very slowly
Noel Quiles
Jun 09 2015 14:25
confirmed loading here, idk why it's down for you, @clhenrick
This message was deleted
Chris Henrick
Jun 09 2015 14:27
looks like it's working for me now @EnMod thanks