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Jun 2015
John Peele
Jun 15 2015 18:36
@jenius sorry if i am asking a duplicate question (searching gitter didnt return anything useful), but is there a fix for this error when running roots watch?
Autoprefixer's process() method is deprecated and will removed in next major release. Use postcss([autoprefixer]).process() instead
Declan de Wet
Jun 15 2015 19:11

@johnpeele Ah, that's likely due to autoprefixer-stylus not being updated to reflect autoprefixer becoming a postcss plugin exclusively, rather than usable both as standalone and a postcss plugin... For now you can either disable autoprefixer-stylus and forget using autoprefixer, or, with a little more configuration involved, you can update to the latest-recommended way of using autoprefixer by simply running npm install autoprefixer-core postcss --save-devat the root of your Roots project, throw this into your (as you would with settings for any language compiler):

  use: [require('autoprefixer-core')({ browsers: ['2 last version'] })]
    inline: false

and then change your main.styl to main.css.styl (assuming that your main css file is main.styl).

Roots will detect postcss after you install it, and register it as an engine to the postcss Accord adapter. It will then also know to compile any .css files through postcss before writing them to the output directory, optionally accepting the postcss settings in Finally, Roots' multi-pass compilation feature will detect both file extensions in main.css.styl, and run the associated compiler for each extension in backwards order (so, in this case stylus -> postcss -> destination). :)