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Jul 2015
Jeff Escalante
Jul 03 2015 09:29
yeah i am very much in favor of getting it loaded in, i don't personally have time to implement it right now
I know @declandewet was working on this at one point
Declan de Wet
Jul 03 2015 10:19
But time is also limited on my side
Jeff Escalante
Jul 03 2015 12:59
maybe when we meet up in south africa we can work on it :)
Daniel Box
Jul 03 2015 13:32
Ed Holzwarth
Jul 03 2015 14:20
I am also getting a problem that only happens after new compiles. This seems to have popped up after I upgraded from roots 3.0.4 to 3.1.0. Also using roots-contentful like @EnMod but the only thing I changed was to upgrade roots not the rest of the dependencies. Error message looks like:
compiling... [Error: Error: /www/assets/img/meetingimg.jpg:1
  > 1| extends layout   
    4| block content

ENOENT, no such file or directory '/www/assets/img/layout.jade']
First few compiles have no issue, then this starts popping up
Killing roots watch and restarting fixes the problem
Sergio Forés
Jul 03 2015 22:33

@nishtacular @hhsnopek Hello, after installing Page.js the site simply cycles through all the links in an infinite loop. Please could you help me to implement it? thanks. ```# app-wide routing
page.base '/'
page '/', index
page '/contacto', contacto
page '/productos', productos
page '/empresa', empresa
page '*', notfound

index page

index= () ->

index logic

productos = () ->

about logic

contacto = () ->

contact logic

notfound = () ->