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Jul 2015
Jul 26 2015 00:59
hey guys I just discovered roots, and I was looking around when I came across the css function in the _layout.jade file. what does that function do?
Mathias Biilmann
Jul 26 2015 01:00
It inserts the CSS from the CSS pipeline
Jul 26 2015 01:01
so if I have something like style1.sass, and style2.sass in /assets/css, then they will be compiled and inserted into the layout?
Henry Snopek
Jul 26 2015 01:03
Mhmm :)
Jul 26 2015 01:04
thanks! One more question: say I want to keep track of all the pages I've built and I want to generate a navbar, is there a way to store all the pages as a variable to load into _layout.jade?
Sergio Forés
Jul 26 2015 12:34
@swarage I did something like this by using a mixin

I'm having doubts requering *.js file in I used mobile = require './mobile.js' in, but no idea on how configmobile.js` to enqueue the scripts. ```
module.exports = function() {

// var element = document.getElementsByClassName('tabsitemtitle');
var element = $('.tabsitemtitle');

// create a simple instance
// by default, it only adds horizontal recognizers
var mc = new Hammer(element);

// listen to events...
mc.on("tap", function(event) {
// myElement.textContent = ev.type +" gesture detected.";

element.on("click", function(event) {
// myElement.textContent = ev.type +" gesture detected.";

Any help would be apreciated

Sergio Forés
Jul 26 2015 16:15
Hello again, I get a console error Hammer is not definedbut I believe my module.exports and require...are fine. Please could anybody take a look to my code and help me to include Hammerjs library properly?
I tried to add Hammerjs library in the build in
      files: [
      out: 'js/build.js'
Thomas Rodriguez
Jul 26 2015 18:31
Has anyone
used parse or firbase with their roots deployments?