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Aug 2015
Michael Kornblum
Aug 18 2015 05:35
@Jenius, I'd love to contribute, but I'm afraid that my node skills are not up to task. If you like I can assist in writing out the documentation. Now you mentioned it, I would like to contribute to the actual site. The video screencasts are downright phenomenal, but those of us who are hearing impaired may have some difficulty enjoying your content. I'd like to create some alternate text content to be placed on your site.
Kristoffer Ahl
Aug 18 2015 14:18
Hi. Anyone had issues with roots compile not exiting? I see compiling... and done! but it does not exit. I'm running it on Windows but this seems to cause issues when deploying to Netlify as well as the build keeps failing due to a timeout.
Mathias Biilmann
Aug 18 2015 15:40
@kristofferahl if you’re using roots-browserify that might be the cause, try updating to roots-browserify 0.4.0
Michael Kornblum
Aug 18 2015 22:00
Hello all. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting roots to deploy. When I try to use the deploy -to gh-pages command I get an unexpected token syntax error. Any idea why this is happening?