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Aug 2015
Cory Simmons
Aug 30 2015 00:04
Nevermind, just figured out how to search through gitter chat history.
Michael Kornblum
Aug 30 2015 00:50
@Pranz, I tried using the code you posted earlier. Now that I have the variables set up, how do I render them out in the template? Do I use 'for post in site.posts' or 'for post in posts'?
Hello Cory. Just though t I'd tell you I'm loving jeet, and getting into lost gs. Good stuff, man :)
Michael Kornblum
Aug 30 2015 02:10
@Pranz, the solution works, but how do you format your blog post dates?
Aug 30 2015 09:12
@michaelkornblum yyyy-mm-dd is always a safe bet
ISO standard
if a language has a way to parse dates, it's always gonna accept something like that with no fuzz
Michael Kornblum
Aug 30 2015 14:19
Thanks again, @Pranz. You have been a huge help :)