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Sep 2015
Ed Holzwarth
Sep 01 2015 17:39
Trying to standardize URLs for SEO with Roots. Roots uses Hygienist which by default doesn't add a trailing slash to page urls. Is there a way to configure Hygienist to use trailing slashes?
Michael Kornblum
Sep 01 2015 22:59
Hello all. Currently I'm having some difficulty integrating postcss with my roots build. I'd really like to use the lost grid system plugin, but I have no idea how I'd go about setting up the file. Additionally what version of postcss plays well with the current roots build? Thank you all for your time.
Michael Kornblum
Sep 01 2015 23:28
Update: I think I got the file under control. The only question is what version of postcss is everyone using? 5.0.4 is not playing well with others :(