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Sep 2015
Jeff Escalante
Sep 03 2015 12:24
@eholzwarth not at the moment. you'd have to submit a PR to hygienist to add this, we have never had a need
@michaelkornblum if you file an issue in accord for this we can get it taken care of very quickly. accord doesn't assume major version bumps will automatically work with its API so each time one comes out, we need to check and re-release patch. for now just downgrade to the major version before this (4.x) and everything will work
sorry if things have been moving a bit slow, i have been really slammed recently and have not had a lot of work days. i'll make this up as soon as i can!
Michael Kornblum
Sep 03 2015 14:31
Thank you @jenius . I pretty much sussed out that I needed to downgrade, and after learning how to look up the chat history, it wasn't too big an ordeal :)