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Sep 2015
Michael Kornblum
Sep 05 2015 01:55
Is there a way to use nib without autoprefixing? And if so, wouldn't that be a viable, if not temporary fix? Note: I don't consider myself an expert. I'm just curious.
@jenius: not worried about it for the time being. 3.1.0 is stable enough to support my needs and I already made the appropriate updates to juice-bar's documentation. You probably don't hear this enough, but thanks for creating a kickass product.
Daniel Box
Sep 05 2015 06:40
@michaelkornblum yes that's what my fix posted above does :smile:
Michael Kornblum
Sep 05 2015 16:48
Hello all. Currently, I'm trying to use the moment.js library in jade with roots to create a blog archive page that's grouped by month and year. Does anyone know of any decent code examples out in the wild that I can draw some inspiration from? Tried googling but came up empty handed.