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Sep 2015
Michael Kornblum
Sep 15 2015 04:34 UTC
Hello all. Got past the error that dynamic-content was throwing. From what I'm assuming, I should move the templates from the sidebar into my client-side javascript. Will be working on that part of the functionality soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Jeff Escalante
Sep 15 2015 09:01 UTC
Awesome! good to hear :)
Joe Jackson
Sep 15 2015 13:15 UTC
I might be missing something completely, but I'm using the browserify extension to compile all of my javascript files, but it looks like roots is still trying to compile each file. I've tried all sorts of ignores acrobatics, but can't seem to get it to work. If I ignore everything */.coffee compilation fails for some reason . Any thoughts?
Ok I figured some of it out. It looks like browserify won't create the directory if it doesn't exist. Or the browserify extension is failing to do so.
I see.
Now the other question is should roots still be compiling javascript files individually if you have a pipeline extension?
John Peele
Sep 15 2015 14:17 UTC
@SevereOverfl0w hey man! where did we end up on this yesterday? carrot/roots-css-pipeline#14
Joe Jackson
Sep 15 2015 14:44 UTC
Ok. I dug into the source and found that the extension automatically ignores anything that is required. Is this something that should be documented?
Dominic Monroe
Sep 15 2015 23:28 UTC
@johnpeele I need to write a test apparently, just gotta find a bit of time.