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Oct 2015
Jeff Escalante
Oct 18 2015 08:18
hey @andyshora sorry I'm late to seeing this. it seems like you are having some very unusual issues. probably a bunch of things are not configured correctly in your project I would guess, based on the errors
If you send me a copy of your project somehow I can take a look and point you in the right direction
roots is quite stable, as are all the extensions you are working with. they are all extensively tested as well
i suspect you are just trying to use them outside their typical use-case
also @andyshora with the dynamic content thing you ran into, it's not really an issue. it's a natural way that static sites work. making it work the way you expect involves jumping through hoops and slowing down the compile significantly
however, we are working on a fix to this. i am working with @argyleink to patch it
@rmatsikas if you can provide a consistent situation where this happens happy to take a look!